NSW Ambulance strives to provide excellence in care while delivering an essential emergency mobile health service to the people of NSW. 

We respond to a call for help every 26 seconds, across an area of more than 800,000 square kilometres. This translates to medical services for around one in six people in NSW, or over 1.2 million responses annually, making NSW Ambulance one of the busiest services in the world.

Our 5 000 staff (paramedics, doctors, nurses, logistical and corporate) deliver the services that our community expect every day of the year because we put people at the core of everything we do.

This principle enables us to provide the people of NSW with the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

Let me share with you some of our upcoming milestones.

Boosting paramedics
We are almost halfway through a four year program to add a total of 700 paramedics and 50 Triple Zero call takers under the Statewide Workforce Enhancement Program (SWEP).

We are in the midst of the biggest rural and regional transformation of ambulance station infrastructure in the organisation’s history.  
We have recently constructed, replaced or refurbished our 17th Rural Ambulance Infrastructure Reconfiguration (RAIR) station. This is alongside the construction of nine new superstations in Sydney under the Sydney Ambulance Metropolitan Infrastructure Strategy (SAMIS).

Forty years of female paramedics in NSW
Lee Clout made history when she became the first paid female paramedic in NSW in 1979. Lee and the women who came after her have transformed NSW Ambulance over the last 40 years from a male-dominated service into the modern, inclusive workplace that it is today. We celebrate the contribution that women make to our service.

April 2020 will mark 125 years of ambulance service in NSW
We will look back on more than a century of care, while energetically driving for continued innovation and high-quality care.  It is my hope this significant milestone allows us to build on the strong foundations of ambulance services already in place.

Close collaboration with the people of NSW, as well as our NSW Health partners and emergency services colleagues underpins the ongoing provision of quality healthcare across NSW.

Dr Dominic Morgan ASM
Chief Executive