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Accounts & Fees

If you or someone you know requires emergency ambulance treatment and/or transport you will be required to pay a fee for this service.

A new patient billing system for NSW Ambulance

NSW Ambulance is introducing a new system for patient billing. There may be a delay in settling your account or enquiry during the transition to the new system. If you have any questions or concerns about the your bill, please contact our Customer Service Centre Enquiries line on 1300 655 200.

Will Medicare cover NSW Ambulance costs?

Medicare does not cover NSW Ambulance costs. The person treated by paramedics (ie the patient) is responsible for paying any fees associated with their treatment and/or transport, regardless of whether or not they were the individual who requested an ambulance.

For detailed information on NSW Ambulance charges and fees, visit our Accounts and Fees Frequently Asked Questions page (effective from 1 July 2014).

Some NSW Ambulance services are provided free of charge to people in receipt of a benefit entitlement. Depending on your situation you may be entitled to subsidised transport.

There has been some confusion among pensioners and other concession card holders regarding interstate ambulance charges and under what circumstances they may become liable for payment when travelling interstate. Further information for concession card holders has been provided by NSW Ambulance to help understand this complex issue.

How do I arrange NSW Ambulance cover?

To arrange NSW Ambulance cover you will need to contact a registered private health fund of your choice. An NSW Ambulance levy is included as part of basic hospital coverage with a registered health fund. Some funds also offer "ambulance only" insurance. Costs and inclusions differ from fund to fund, therefore it is recommended that you contact several funds to decide which cover is best for your personal circumstances.

Useful information on private health care is available on the Department of Health and Ageing website.

Patient Hardship Policy

NSW Ambulance is required to charge fees for services provided to patients. In many cases patients are charged at a reduced rate (as NSW residents) or are exempt from NSW Ambulance charges (eg certain pensioners). The policy sets out arrangements for fee exemptions; how to apply for a waiver of fees on the grounds of hardship and the types of circumstances that may be considered for waiver.

In particular NSW Ambulance is committed to working with patients who are experiencing hardship, whether financial or non-financial. Our staff will be compassionate, and we aim to treat all patients with dignity and respect without making value judgements. Patients who are identified as experiencing some form of hardship will be protected from further recovery action (eg debt collection and legal action) while consideration of their circumstances is in progress.

More on Patient Hardship Policy [PDF 234KB]




090323 fees Medicare does not cover ambulance costs.
All individuals and families are encouraged to arrange ambulance cover by contacting a registered private health fund of your choice.