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Useful Resources

Download the NSW Ambulance fees poster here.

NSW Ambulance Fees

The following fact sheets provide an overview of the costs of ambulance services for NSW residents, interstate and overseas residents, the circumstances which may entitle you to an exemption from paying your bill and the Health Services Amendment (Ambulance Fees) Act 2014

NSW Ambulance fees for NSW residents

Residents of NSW are only charged 51% of the actual cost of service as the NSW Government provides a 49% subsidy. This fact sheet outlines the costs involved when you call an ambulance, how these are calculated and what insurance you can take out to cover ambulance costs. It also describes the categories of patients who are exempt from payment and provides answers to a range of commonly asked questions. 

Billing FAQ for NSW residents

NSW Ambulance Fees - interstate and overseas residents

This fact sheet provides information on the fees that will apply for patients who are not residents of NSW. There are different arrangements in place with different states and territories. This overview includes what you need to do to settle your account.

Billing FAQ for NON NSW residents

Fee Reviews

If you have received an invoice from NSW Ambulance and are having difficulty paying or dispute the charge, you can apply to have a fee review. The review may result in the fee being waived in full or in part, or may result in alternative payment arrangements being put in place, such as an installment plan arrangement or an extension of time to pay. This information sheet provides some additional details on how to apply for a fee review.

Fee Reviews

NSW Ambulance Patient Payment (Fee) Review Operating Procedure

Application for Fee Review non financial hardship

Application for Fee Review financial hardship

Health Services Amendment (Ambulance Fees) Act 2014

The Health Services Amendment (Ambulance Fees) Act 2014 came into effect on 1 June 2015. The Act confirms the exemptions that are in place for pensioners and concession card holders and provides a mechanism for fee reviews for people having difficulty paying their ambulance bills.  The legislation also introduces powers for the Commissioner of Fines Administration to take action to recover unpaid debts on behalf of NSW Ambulance. This fact sheet provides an overview of the exemptions that apply for ambulance fees and the processes in place to recover unpaid fees from patients who are not exempt and who fail to pay when invoiced for NSW Ambulance services.

Health Services Ammendment