What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is a process of assessing and recognising the qualifications and experience of current, former or new qualified paramedics. Qualified paramedics include practicing paramedics that are currently employed in the wider ambulance industry, or who are current casual employees or former employees of the NSW Ambulance.

The Credentialing committee reviews qualifications, registrations, scope of practice and relevant experience of qualified paramedics that seek to join NSW Ambulance in a casual or permanent capacity, and do the same for qualified NSW Ambulance paramedics who seek to be employed on a permanent basis.

The Credentialing committee determines an applicant's level of entry and training requirements. If you are currently employed in the ambulance industry you could be employed at a similar level within NSW Ambulance, provided you are successful in the NSW Ambulance qualified paramedic recruitment process.

NSW Ambulance accepts applications from qualified paramedics via the NSW Health Jobs portal. The jobs portal provide all the details required to submit your application for review to the Credentialing committee.

Induction and Training Process

As a general guide, if your application for credentialing is accepted, you will undertake the following:

  • An five (5) week induction to help familiarise you with NSW Ambulance protocols (only required for non-existing employees)
  • On road training as a paramedic for a recommended number of hours and receipt of two (2) on-road practicum reports

An assessment of your level of knowledge about ambulance practice