NSW Ambulance provides dynamic career opportunities, and this is why so many people are drawn to our organisation.

Due to the nature of first responder work, staff can at times be exposed to potentially traumatic incidents. NSW Ambulance provides a diverse range of staff support services to assist in the natural recovery process. The staff support services available are designed to both build and maintain the health and wellbeing of our workforce and includes the following services:

Employee Assistance and Psychological Services (EAPS) Program

EAPS is a professional and free telephone and face to face support service available to all NSW Ambulance employees and volunteers. It includes:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – short term solution focused counselling service. Individuals are entitled to four sessions per issue per year. EAP is available to NSW Ambulance employees, volunteers and their immediate family members
  • TraumaAssist – can be activated as onsite intervention or one-on-one telephone-based trauma counselling
  • ManagerAssist - an advice service for managers and team leaders that can provide specific strategies

Peer Support Officers

The Peer Support program provides all staff with someone to talk to, who can relate to their work or personal experiences. Peer Support Officers (PSOs) provide confidential, practical, emotional support and assistance to colleagues linking them in with professional support when required. PSOs can assist by defusing the initial stress of an incident by providing post incident support.


The Chaplaincy program provides nonjudgmental, confidential support and care to NSW Ambulance staff, their families and bystanders at traumatic incidents. Chaplains can assist with the provision of post incident support, spiritual guidance, welfare services and pastoral care. This may occur at the scene of an incident, a workplace, a home or a hospital.

Grievance Contact Officers

Grievance Contact Officers (GCOs) are trained to provide confidential advice and support to staff who have a workplace concern or who may be considering lodging a grievance. They can assist staff members to identify potential resolution pathways and refer staff involved to appropriate policies and procedures.

Staff Psychology Service

The Staff Psychology Service is a state-wide team of NSW Ambulance Senior Psychologists responsible for the coordination of a range of employee support initiatives including psychological support/counselling, post incident support, mental health and wellbeing training, well checks (regular check ins with staff) and advice on staff support needs.

Employees are able to access any of the services independently, or can be referred by a manager, work colleague, Peer Support Officer, Staff Psychologist, Grievance Contact Officer or Ambulance Chaplain.